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Introducing Soundtracks 2 Epsilon

For Roland D-50/D-550/D-05 and Roland Cloud VST


Buy Soundtracks 1 and 2 and Get 20% Off

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Star City 1 U-he Repro 5

Star City 1 - Patch Demo


Star City 1 - Music Demo

Roland D-50 Soundtracks

Soundtracks - Patch Demo


Buy Soundtracks 1 and 2 and Get 20% Off

Soundtracks - Valhalla Supermassive Ambient Demo

Soundtracks - Play and Review by Youtuber Timmy O Toole

The Prophet Reason Refill

The Prophet Refill Patch Demo



"This collection of Thor patches, expertly processed, sound right up there with Bitley Laconic , Tom Pritchard and Hydride. The selection of patches is really intelligent in its scope: something old, something new, some truly unique sounds, and lots of character for every sound.

This Refill is very competitively priced, compared to many other Refills. Yet the professional standard is reached for every patch. If you are thinking of charging for a lot of thrown-together Thor patches that you think you can ‘improve’ using REs that maybe users don’t own, think again, because Refills like these - which just use reason’s devices to their nth degree- will blow you out of the water".

Refill Yourself

April 2019                                   


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My name is Mark Rushbury, I'm a musician and sound designer from Scotland and I've been making music and playing with synthesizers for over 20 years now.  I previously played in the band Pandacetamol, an experimental electronic outfit.  I also created the soundtracks for an independent feature film and several other short films. In recent years i've started to make my soundbanks commercially available and plan to release more in the future. Sonic exploration is the name of the game, and i'm endlessly amused by the infinite possibilities that synthesizers bring. 

About my work

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